We’re Moving…

Hallo, it’s been a good journey here. I want to thank you all who have been with me since day one; you’ve driven me. I want to thank you all who stuck with me in this bizarre period; you’re driving me. And I want to thank those who’ll agree to take this next step with […]

Mark 10:9

“So, since we’ve concluded our testimonies,” the cell leader announced, “let us pair up and each one give your partner your prayer request then we shall each pray for one another.” The rest of the cell nodded in agreement and began to pair up. Prisca, who had been sitting right next to Kass didn’t put […]

Hell, brother!

“Please don’t do this,” she cried. “I’m begging you.” “I’ve begged to do this the easy way for months. Nothing’s going to stop me from making your adamant self pay.” “But I’m married. What did you want me to do?” “Well, where’s your hubby now? Huh?” And he pulled her skirt waist-up, tore her knickers […]

Died In Your Arms Tonight

“Well, what can I say? Everybody has their fears. That’s mine” he paused for a while then asked, “what’s yours?” She let off a calm smile and felt her heart at peace, and knew she wanted to be honest. “I have an awkward phobia for cars and accidents,” she started. “Cars?” “Yes” “What would you […]

The Devil Is A Liar

“Jade Turner” she wrote her name and that was all. Another look at the question paper and still she understood nothing. “God only helps those who help themselves,” the old adage re-echoed in her mind. And for a split second she thought; why would God do that to me? He wouldn’t want me to leave […]

A shity theft

“If we still have streets like these, we shall never develop” suggested Dennis cuddling the baby closer to his chest and adjusting the cloth over its face to further protect it from the red hot sun. They maneuvered their way through the kikuubo street. It was as disorganised as a pubic street could get. It […]

Hopeful Love In A Hopeless Place

The night they met was the night Komakech was hopeless about meeting someone. The place they met was the place Komakech was hopeless about meeting someone worthy. He sat in his hostel room in kikoni trying to concentrate and finish an assignment and failing to. Then he picked up his phone and wished his good […]